Wooden BUILDING TOYS for creative play

MOY TOY are Slovak durable wooden toys for boys and girls aged 3 to 10 years old. By using connective pegs, hammer and a pry bar, children can use the colorful wooden parts to build toys from a firetruck to an airplane. 10+ different large themed sets are interconnected with each other and each can be used to build 15-40 toys (e.g., in the “Airport” set, a child can build a plane, helicopter or a truck) . They can create storylines and combine the pieces across the sets. Additionally, we also offer smaller toy-focused sets, which allow children to build a few versions of the same toy (e.g., multiple types of planes).

While building and creating toys, children develop their executive function and motor skills. Multiple studies have shown very strong correlation of the style of play of children 3-6 years old and their brain development. It is proven that developing these skills in early stages leads to higher self-confidence, which is source of success in the future. This makes our wooden building toys a perfect assembly toy for your children!

The MOY TOY system is also a polytechnic toy, didactic aid and a tool for technical education for children aged 3-10 years. We have multiple satisfied kindergartens and elementary school that use MOY TOY to develop their little students.

How do children develop executive function through creative playing with MOY TOY?


Hand/eye coordination is developed by use of tools such as a hammer and a “knocker” for knocking the connecting pegs out of their places. Ropes serve for training of tying and threading.


The toys are built by following plans with colorful photos – by connecting various pieces together by using pegs. The pieces have different shapes and colors, which trains children in ability to focus and patience.


All sets enable building multiple toys at once, supporting group play with friends or parents. The sets “Small Family” and “Large Family” include more pawns, furniture and homes. They can be interesting for creating play scenarios of family situations.


Sets “Police” and “Large Family” include a Traffic education module (traffic court, traffic signs, traffic lights, pawns of pedestrians and bikers) for training of behaviors of drivers, pedestrians and bikers on the road.

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