“Halo” Magazine article: How to develop fine motor skills of our children?


Well-mastered motor skills, especially fine ones, do not only give children the opportunity to solve fine and complex tasks. It also affects their psyche, social skills, self-confidence and, last but not least, their ability to find a job in the future.

Just as children learn to walk, which is part of gross motor skills, they must also learn to control their hands, palms and fingers correctly – and therefore fine motor skills. Fine motor skills develop in a targeted manner and are not fully innate. It is a gradual improvement of gentle hand movements, gripping and manipulation of small objects. It is a complex ability to realize the space around us, the location of objects in it, the creation of automated strategies for manipulating objects, and first the conscious and then automated ability to use the relevant parts of the brain and control all parts of the musculoskeletal system.”


In this article, our inventor PaedDr. Peter Hudák, as a former elementary school teacher and methodologist, talks about why fine motor skills are important, that you can start warming up later, you just have to start that playing is a key activity in children’s development.

A very interesting article that provides a slightly more technical insight into the development of fine motor skills in children.

You can read it here: How to develop fine motor skills of our children?

Source: Halo Magazine and MOY TOY