These toys are the most popular ones ahead of Christmas!

Are you still looking for inspiration for a Christmas gift or for surprising your children, grandchildren or family? We’ve picked out five wooden kits that are among the most popular Christmas gifts ahead of this year’s festive season. Your kids will want to keep playing!

Sometimes it’s hard to find a toy that will keep a child interested for a long time. Sometimes children are more interested in the cardboard box or the glittery Christmas paper than in the contents themselves.

We won’t be modest, but we’ll definitely be honest when we say that children play with MOY TOY wooden building blocks to their heart’s content.


Our wooden toys are designed to not only captivate children, but also to develop their motor skills, cognitive skills, patience, logical thinking and to captivate both girls and boys with their design and colours. The toys are made of high-quality wood, the colours are anti-allergenic and health-compatible and the individual parts are adapted to the delicate hands of children.

NEW: Garbage Truck

What do you want to be when you grow up? Garbage man.

There’s probably not a child who didn’t imagine a career on a big garbage truck at an early age. Fascinating bin tipping, big garbage trucks and reflective vests are not to be missed in the Garbage truck set. The wooden kit also includes a street sweeper, water cistern and a snow plow. Most importantly, MOY TOY Garbage truck teaches children to sort waste and includes containers for separated waste. Through this game, children develop a relationship with the environment at an early age and are able to grasp the concept of sorting glass, paper, metal or plastic waste. The kit contains bins divided according to the colours and pictures of the individual items so that children can distinguish which waste belongs where.









Traffic Set

drevene stavebnice pod stromcekom

It is one of our most popular products and has the most variations among all the kits. It is designed for children aged three and up. The set contains a total of 127 parts, which can be used to build up to 34 toy variations. This popular set includes a truck, a bulldozer, a pickup truck, a tractor with a siding, and even a circus marquee! Experts agree that for girls and boys at this age, the play itself is more important than whether the toys are “girlyׅ” or “boyish”. Your little princess will be just as happy to play with toy cars and practice the technical skills she needs for healthy development.


Police Set

dopravna situacia drevene stavebnice

This Police-themed wooden kit is one of the largest sets and is suitable for children of both genders. In addition to transport vehicles such as a police helicopter or a police boat, it also includes figures, a traffic playground, traffic lights and signs. The added value of this wooden kit is traffic education. The traffic playground, printed on high-quality foil in dimensions of 1.5 x 1.3 metres, creates and solves various traffic situations of pedestrians and vehicles. The game also includes traffic signs and four traffic lights, so you can explain the basics of road traffic to children and especially teach them how to cross the road safely.


Firefighters Rescuers Set

Chlapci sa hraju s lietadlami drevene stavebnice

Boys play with planes wooden kit

The wooden kit will entertain both girls and boys aged 4 years old and up. The kit includes 150 high quality wooden parts from which children can build up to 16 vehicle variations. A firefighting helicopter, a typical fire truck and a rescue boat help children in rescuing and extinguishing not only under the Christmas tree. What all children enjoy the most is playing with the airplane. This part of the Moy Toy wooden kit is in high demand among children.


The Small Family Set

mala rodina drevena stavebnica bez textuChildren like to play family, clean up in the house and arrange the furniture. This wooden play set is ideal for children who, thanks to attractive figures, furniture, bicycles or a personal car, train their fine motor skills and also develop their social relationships with friends. The toy contains 98 wooden pieces and is designed for all children aged three and up. The set includes a wooden house with an attic and roof, which can also be used as a house for dolls and other toys.